Christian mother publishes books to inspire children to greatness

One woman, hoping to inspire a generation of young children to become Christians; find their God-given purpose, and become great people, is Evette Thompson, a married mother of three toddlers.

This former youth pastor has written a series of books aimed at young children aged between three and six. There are six books in Evette’s series, and titles include Finding Treasure, Winning Band and Stars.

Evette’s desire is for parents to read the books to their young offspring and start a discussion about the role of children in the Bible; how they were used by God, and how young children of today can follow biblical examples and live out God’s purposes for their lives.

Evette will also be launching a website,, which will feature an online activity workbook to coincide with the storybooks, as well as other video-related devotional material, and inspirational music relevant for 21st century children.

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