Mike Abdul Releases Birthday EP ‘Grateful’

The mighty Mike Abdul (Midnight Crew) has turned the big 4…0… and dropped a new EP to celebrate.

To commemorate turning 40 in February, Nigerian gospel artist, Mike Abdul, released a special 5-track EP entitled ‘Grateful’.

Never short of a word or two, when we asked Abdul about the project, he told us: “I learn from every experience and react to whatever. Sometimes I have no idea of what to do. Suddenly, life happens, and I respond to what it brings. My response becomes my action and it gets recorded in history. So I make history that I didn’t plan. Some I regret. Some I’m proud of. As I grew older, I learnt not to wait for life any more. I started living the life I plan. Even in it, life still happens, but I react with purpose this time. I move with the plan and sometimes I bend. I bend so I can take some of the advantages in the uncertainties.

“Life is sweet. Amazing is the wisdom that comes with knowing that every product has a manual written by the manufacturer. I’m a product of the Almighty, so I meet with my Manufacturer to ask for the details of my manual, so I don’t malfunction. Only the fool says there is no GOD. GOD showed me my way, and advised me never to leave my post. He said: ‘That’s the only place you never fail.’. So I moved by what I heard, because that is how faith comes. Faith comes by hearing GOD. Money doesn’t move me, neither am I moved by rich men. I’m not moved by the perceived success of my friends or colleagues. I just want to do it and get the job done, praise GOD. I’m grateful for this life. Peradventure you meet GOD on your way through life, please help me thank HIM.”

Download your copy of ‘Grateful’ on iTunes.

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