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Keep The Faith Network: in print, online, e-marketing, PR and Marketing service – THE medium of choice for organisations seeking to reach the UK’s Black and multi-ethnic community nationwide.

Britain’s Black and minority ethnic (BME) Pentecostal churches are among the largest in the country, with several having a regular attendance of 4,000+. For over 55 years Britain’s BME churches have provided hope, support, direction, community services, inspirational gospel music and moral guidance to the BME community and beyond.

Increasingly, BME churches also run a wide range of community projects that are designed to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. Due to their longevity and the social and spiritual impact they have on their members, BME churches are viewed as the most stable, prosperous and influential institution within BME communities. Organisations and government are now acknowledging that the most effective way of reaching groups within the BME community is by forging working partnerships with the Black and multi-ethnic churches.

Such is the high regard in which these churches have been held in recent years, that some of the most powerful and influential members of society have visited them personally, including Prime Minister David Cameron, former PM Tony Blair and HRH The Prince of Wales. Other prominent visitors include civic leaders, MPs, local councillors, heads of charities, community service providers, business leaders and educationalists.

Keep The Faith has been in print for 10 years,  and is independently owned and published by Shirley McGreal FCMI, who is the former CEO of the Voice Newspaper Group.  Ms McGreal is also the founder and publisher of The Black UK Christian Directory and The Black Media Network.

Keep The Faith Editorial Policy
Keep The Faith magazine promotes family values, provides this community with a voice, highlights the need for unity, provides inspirational and aspirational news, and creates a better understanding in an ever-changing environment.

Editorial Content
• Local and regional community news
• Features, politics, business news, IT news
• Interviews/profiles with community figures and role models
• Education and careers
• Community and music events nationwide
• Recruitment, fostering & adoption careers
• Human interest, health & lifestyles, family and faith

Inside M25: – 44% (London & the Home Counties). Outside M25: – 56% (all major cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and the North of England, Wales and Scotland). Also distributed to a number of outlets in Ireland.

Keep The Faith magazine is distributed primarily through black majority & black led churches, community centres, Christian businesses and organisations via our own unique database each month. It is primarily read by people of all ages and backgrounds in the BME community each month (Socio-economic groups A, B, C & C1).

Top reasons to advertise
Keep The Faith is acknowledged by the general media as ‘Britain’s leading publication about Black and multi-ethnic faith’, and is considered the most effective vehicle for reaching BME communities nationwide. Keep The Faith is read by three generations of churchgoers and read on a 4:1 ratio.

Keep The Faith has been published for 10 years and is trusted by its readers; they feel part of the magazine as it represents them in a positive way.

Keep The Faith ’s editorial contributors are some of the most powerful and influential movers and shakers, and successful entrepreneurs within BME communities.  They include Rev David Shosanya (Director, London Baptist Association), Bishop Dr Joe Aldred (Churches Together in England), Rev Wale Hudson-Roberts (Racial Justice Coordinator, Baptist Union), Dionne Gravesande (Head of Church Advocacy, Christian Aid), Marcia Dixon (PR specialist and former KTF editor), Juliet Fletcher (leading UK Gospel Music pioneer, TV & Radio Producer, Director of GreenTree Productions and CEO of GMIA), Arthur Torrington OBE (Historian) and Dr Robert Beckford (Theologian) – to name a few.

HRH Prince Charles, PM David Cameron and Sir Bob Kerslake have contributed an editorial feature in Keep The Faith. Keep The Faith editorial policy is informative, educational, aspirational and inspirational. Keep The Faith works in partnership with various other media and organisations, such as The Bible Society, Christian Resources Exhibition, Street Pastors, OH TV, UGN Radio and VineJuice online Radio & TV and many other sources via DAB digital radio, television, satellite, digital cable and the internet.

Newsletter E-Blasts
Do you need a quick, inexpensive and effective way to advertise your events, goods, products and services? Then try our e-blast service!

We can help you reach 32,000+ people within BME faith community  (this figure increases daily) via our database and social media followers at the click of a button!  And our clients tell us that it works for them! Please note:

Please note:  WE DO NOT purchase social media followers and our friends on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest are all genuine and part of the community that we serve.

The cost for this service is:
£150.00 for one e-blast (Just £5.00 per 1000 recipients)
£199.00 for two e-blasts (Just £99.50 per e-blast – £3.31 per 1000 recipients)
£250.00 for three e-blasts (Just £83.00 per e-blast – £2.76 per 1000 recipients)
£305.00 for four e-blasts (Just £76.00 per e-blast – £2.53 per 1000 recipients)
£425.00 for six e-blasts (Just £70.00 per e-blast – £2.30 per 1000 recipients)

We also send out a series of 5 Tweets minimum (included in the price) with our eblast service.

All you have to do is provide the text for tweets and artwork for the eblast, which is to be supplied as a JPGs plus a hyperlink and we can send it out immediately! (or within 48 hours subject to ads already queued on our server.)  The artwork should be around 600 pixels wide @ 72dpi (which is around 8 inches/20 cm) but there is no restriction on length.  If you do not have artwork we can help create your message on our templates.  However, charges may be incurred for design work (subject to amount of work involved).  If preferred, and you have your own newsletter, you can send us the full html code (with header and footer) and we can incorporate that into our software.    It’s as simple as that!

A point worth noting:  If you advertise in the print issue of Keep The Faith your message is also put online on our website, and sent out electronically to our audience of over 32,000 (March 2016 figures), and can also be sent out as an eblast!

As about our special double page spread limited offer and various discounts for print and online advertising and promotion!

For more information about advertising in Keep The Faith magazine or via our  acclaimed Eblast service please contact or call 0845 193 4433



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