Bishop Jakes talks about daughter’s teenage pregnancy

World famous pastor, Bishop TD Jakes, has been talking about how he responded when his then teenage daughter Sarah, shared she was pregnant nine years ago. Speaking on the Roland Martin Report, TD Jakes shared his feelings upon first hearing the news. “Shocked, crushed, emotionally devastated, and yet there was something down inside of me and in her mother as well, that said we have to rise above the trauma.”

Whilst initially upset about his daughter’s dilemma, Jakes and his wife, Serita, decided that they would stand by their daughter and put her first, despite the negative criticism they received once the news leaked out.

His daughter, Sarah, is now the proud mother of a nine-year-old son, and is a married woman.

Whilst the pregnancy marked a difficult time for Jakes and his family, he said it’s the best thing in the world that could have happened.

He also stated that it is important for pastors to reach out to teenage fathers, and get them involved in the life of their child. “I think whenever possible we should try to get the young man in. I think that we should try to get the family restored, but let’s not go back to the old days where, just because you make a mistake, you end up marrying somebody that you’re miserable with for 30 years.”

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