Church leaders say more Gospel preaching and less motivational talks by Rev. Agu Irukwu

Rev Agu Irukwu encouraged church leaders to start preaching about Jesus, as opposed to giving motivational talks to their congregations. He told the packed crowd, “Thank God for advances in theology; thank God for thinkers in the Church; thank God for churches that have to be seeker-friendly and all these other nice terms. “But it seems that the more seeker-friendly we get, the less of Jesus we get, so when people come to church they are not sure whether they are in church, or at a gathering where someone is giving a motivational speech, and the power is not in motivational speaking. The power is in Jesus.”


Rev Agu Irukwu is Senior Pastor of Jesus House and Head of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the fastest growing Black denomination here in the UK. He was one of the guest speakers at the General Assembly organised by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, which was celebrating the 400th anniversary of the launch of first Baptist church in Britain.


He encouraged those present that they could get encouragement from the Scriptures on how the Church could move forward in today’s society. “The early Christians understood complete submission to the Holy Spirit, and were not ashamed of the Gospel.


“We are not called to convince. We are called to declare and proclaim. Let the Holy Spirit do the work of convincing. We are just called to declare and proclaim.”


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