Find out your Capacity to Love by Steven James Dixon


Relationship expert, Steven James Dixon, has devised a special online #Love Capacity quiz to help you determine your readiness for a relationship.  Read on to find out more


OK! Here we go! The new #Love Capacity Quiz is online! Visit, take the quiz, and get your #Love Capacity score in about two minutes! You might surprise yourself!


When was launched for Valentine’s Day, we had 30,000 hits on the first day and over 60,000 hits in the first two weeks!


I created the quiz with the main aim that women, who have not been damaged from relationship disappointment, would score a “10” on the quiz. I wanted men, who have not been damaged from relationship disappointment, to score at least a “7” on the quiz.


Fellas, let’s be honest, the average woman knows more and is more concerned about love than the average man. The initial interest that the average woman has over the average man concerning love affords them a three point expectation increase in their #Love Capacity Score. It became clear pretty quickly that the average woman and the average man have both suffered through some relationship disappointment. Early quiz results have shown that the “Love Capacity” of the average woman is 3. The “Love Capacity” of the average man is 4. This scoring highlights the trouble our relationships and marriages are in!


Here is the list of #Love Capacity Scores and Explanations!


Your Love Capacity Score Is:  0 or 1 = Damaged

Your observations and experiences with love have shaped your #Love Capacity. You are angry and hurt, or selfish and needy. Either you stayed too long in a bad relationship, or someone stayed in a bad relationship too long with you…. which made you think that you were good at relationships.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 2 = Flawed


You are better at giving love than you are at receiving love. You lack confidence in the ability of the opposite sex to match your #Love Capacity. Something is broken. I don’t know what it is. Neither do you.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 3 = Confused


You are better at receiving love than you are at giving love but WE KNOW that you can love at a greater capacity. You need the right person to bring out of you all of the love that you have inside to offer.


Your Love Capacity Score Is:  4 = Afraid


Your #Love Capacity is balanced. You are capable of giving and receiving love at the same rate – but you don’t. In each of your relationships, you purposely hold back, or you think that they are purposely holding back.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 5 = Under Construction


Sometimes your relationships move too fast. Sometimes your relationships move too slowly. Sometimes it’s them. Sometimes it’s you. I want the people who score a #Love Capacity of 5 to do a better job of defining beforehand what they want out of a partner and a relationship. If you don’t know what you want, don’t date. If you know what you want, don’t change what you want based on the person that you are dating.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 6 = Ready For Dating


You may be married or in a relationship, but you have the #Love Capacity of a Dater. A Dater is prepared to enter into a relationship without bringing in the emotional baggage from past relationships. But you may not be ready to happily sacrifice for the sake of a relationship. You may compromise on occasion, but your sacrifices tend to build resentment instead of love.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 7 = Ready For A Relationship


If you are a Girlfriend or Boyfriend, you are on target – GREAT! If you are a spouse, however – not so great. You may be in a good relationship, but I want you to be great in a marriage. I want you to be a great spouse. You are not ready to give/receive love at the highest capacity just yet. You are no longer hurting, but you haven’t healed. Healed means that you can love unconditionally.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 8 = Ready To Love


1) You are ready to give love; 2) You are not ready to receive love, or 3) You don’t demand love in return. If you love someone and they don’t love you back, that will negatively impact your #Love Capacity Score, because #Love Capacity is not just about giving love. #Love Capacity is about knowing the value of your love and not allowing someone to devalue it.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 9 = Ready For Love


You are ready to give and receive love. Receiving love is about your ability to take responsibility for the love that someone gives you. You understand that your actions can cause your loved ones pain. You are concerned about the possibility of hurting your loved one. You are not interested in dating or relationships. You are only interested in marriage and family.


Your Love Capacity Score Is: 10+ = Ready For Marriage


You have maxed out your #Love Capacity. You are able to give and receive an unconditional, forgiving, profoundly tender, passionate affection toward another person for the rest of your life. You have the best foundation possible to have a successful marriage.


Steve James Dixon is a Christian and author of ‘Men Don’t Heal, We Ho’.  You’ll be able to find out how to increase your ability to love in #Love Capacity, the new book from Steven James Dixon, set to be released in August 2012.  


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