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There’s no doubt that men are part of God’s most glorious creation, and that they have contributed greatly to the Christian faith as well as to the wider world. Many of the great biblical characters are men, the Founder of the Christian faith, Jesus, is a Man, and He empowered 12 men to play a major part in spreading the Gospel throughout the world following His resurrection. And it was Paul the Apostle, who wrote most of the New Testament letters which provide the theological basis of the Christian faith.
With this fact in mind, Keep The Faith felt it was right to profile some Christian men from various walks of life, who are making an impact within their sphere of influence, and who can be rightly deemed to be role models within the Church and wider community.
Pastor Andrew Adeleke
Nigerian-born minister, Pastor Andrew Adeleke, serves as Regional and Country Coordinator for RCCG (UK and Ireland), and is Senior Pastor of the House of Praise, Camberwell in South London, which is part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the UK’s fastest growing Black denomination.
He is also a businessman who serves on a range of other boards and companies, including OH TV UK, Chief Executive Officer of Voice of Truth Radio, Chairman of the Africa Missions UK, and Executive Director of Malachi Enterprises. He is also the Founder of the very popular “Night of Joy” Programme and 3:16 Initiatives.

How does your faith impact how you do what you do?
Most of my decisions are birthed in prayers, but with a high degree of risk taking. Studying the book of Joshua made me to know that my being on the mountain of commerce is to conquer and expand the Kingdom of God. In the Bible, Kings David and Solomon were very rich kings, but solid investors – with Solomon involved in imports and exports. Joseph was the first commodity trader in grain – corns! – as recorded in the Bible.


What is your key role in the church?

My key role is strategising and setting the vision for the church. Preaching and motivating the people of God to the next level of spirituality is my number one priority.

What unique contribution do men bring to the church?
Men, especially fathers, play a significant role in the church as they ensure stability. Real men are leaders and are providers. In my local church, at the House of Praise, we have several examples of men who have demonstrated themselves as role models in loving their wives and being there for their children, creating a healthy atmosphere for their children to grow. We are grateful to God for the breakthroughs that we are witnessing amongst our men, who are great achievers in music, education, agriculture, technology and the investment world. It was good to see that Christian men are returning to mission work.
Who is your favourite male character in the Bible, and why?
My favourite male character in the Bible is King David; the way his destiny unfolded was like a great movie. He had no maternal support; his father exposed him to wild beasts at a very young age, and when the prophet came to look for a king in the household of Jesse, David was completely forgotten, and would not have even been invited were it not for prophet Samuel. God took David from zero to zenith! His brothers did not believe in him; the King doubted his ability, but David put his confidence in God, and how many times have I seen myself going through these phases in my life? God anointed him to be a warrior, a king, a psalmist, a prophet and a priest. How he managed all these roles in one person is still a mystery to me.

What great exploits should we expect from you in 2012?
One of the exploits for 2012 is the goal of planting 1000 churches in and around the United Kingdom.
For more details, visit www.rccghouseofpraise.com
Rico aka Sheldon Fogarty
Sheldon Fogarty – aka Rico – works full-time as a welder, and is the founder of Men United for Christ (MUFC), a ministry that aims to empower men to be better fathers, faithful husbands, and positive leaders in the community. Last year, MUFC held a men’s conference in Birmingham, which attracted over 1000 people and saw over 160 men become Christians. Another conference is planned later this year.
How does your faith impact how you do what you do?
When I got saved, God changed my life dramatically. I was formerly in a sound, which travelled around the country; was a smoker, from the Rastafarian movement, who had grown up in a Christian home. One thing I noticed when I got saved was that my life-long addiction to smoking went instantly. I knew this was God, as I myself did not have the desire to stop, and I have not smoked since. This is one of the many things that drive me to do the things I do, because I believe that what God has done in my life, He can do the same in other men’s lives – no matter what the situation.
What unique contribution do men bring to the church?
Men add strength and leadership, which is vitally important for church growth. They can take the church from within the confinement of the four walls and impact communities. I believe that men will lead the church of Jesus Christ to victory over the Goliaths that scream out in our society.

Who is your favourite male character in the Bible, and why?
The character of King David is the one that has influenced me, because of the many challenges he faced as a boy, a man and as a king. In spite of all of his challenges, he relied and trusted in the Lord, who constantly delivered him out of them all. It’s because of his experiences that he constantly reminds us in the Psalms to trust in the Lord.


What great exploits do you have planned for 2012?
2012 has started with MUFC declaring the Name of our Lord in our community with even greater effect than previous years. On June 8-9 we are holding The 1000 MEN Conference and Family Concert at the New Testament Church of God, in Handsworth, Birmingham. Speakers will be Pastor Doug Williams and Rev David Shosanya. We’ll have Rob Halligan, and Papa San from Jamaica sharing his testimony, and we are believing God to move mightily among His people. We’ll also be holding an evening family concert featuring Papa San, Sherwin Gardner, Goddy Goddy from Jamaica, and Anastasia who appeared on X Factor. For more details about the 1000 MEN Conference, visit www.georgest.com
To connect with Rico, visit www.facebook.com/MenUnitedForChrist

Dave P
Dave P is one of Britain’s most well-known gospel DJs. He has presented a gospel show on Choice FM for over 10 years; serves as Head of Music for Premier Gospel, and presents a Sunday morning show on the station. He also runs the Urban Gospel Network, a popular internet radio station. He has dedicated his life to doing what he loves – playing gospel music.

How does your faith impact your work?
Keeps my love for God strong; as for mankind, it can be a test for me at times.

What unique contribution do you feel men bring to the church?
Men do bring vision and leadership to the church, but I think more churches need to give men more freedom to participate in the life of the church.

Who is your favourite male character in the Bible, and why?
King David. I think I’m like him in some ways. The fact he was a king, and at the same time made some mistakes, but God still loved him. He was a brave outstanding man of God, plus a great writer of music.

What great exploits should we expect from you during 2012?
Now if I was to say that now, then I would be in so much trouble! The only thing I can say is this: gospel media is looking good right now.
For more details, visit www.urbangospelnetwork.co.uk, visit www.facebook.com/realdavep or follow on twitter @realdavep

Leroy Logan 

Leroy Hugh Logan, MBE, FCMI, BSc is one of Britain’s most high profile policemen. He is also a Christian. He will have a high profile role at the 2012 Olympics in his role as Police Superintendent in the Olympic Policing Coordination Team (OPCT) serving in security. He is a founding member and former chair of the Black Police Association (BPA) and Chair of Directors of faith-based social enterprise, REALLITY (Raising Everyone’s Awareness of Lives Lost In The Youth), which works with young people caught up in crime and violence. He is also a trustee of Greenleaf Trust Charity (GTC), which is the community outreach arm of Emmanuel Christian Centre in Walthamstow.
How does your faith impact your work?
My faith has always given me a vision to carry out the Lord’s purpose without compromise, and the discernment to hear from Him on how He wants me to carry out my role through the power of the Holy Spirit. My faith also gives me strength of character, in addition to a physical, mental and spiritual strength to follow things through and not give up. Even though there are times when I am disappointed, I am very rarely discouraged, especially when it involves a practical and positive intervention into a person’s or a group of people’s lives, who are in need of encouragement, support and guidance.

What unique contribution do you feel men bring to the church?
A man serves as a gentle warrior, who will work closely with all sections of the church fellowship, to shape and steer the direction of the wider church, as it moves towards being more relevant and practical to the wider community. A man is also willing to stand up for our fundamental human rights to fully practise our faith without the need to compromise or feel intimidated by others outside our faith.


Who’s your favourite male character in the Bible, and why?
Abel, because he was his brother’s keeper and, despite the hatred his brother had for him, he continued to do the right thing to the very end. In this day and age, we do not always recognise the importance of being each other’s keeper – whilst in our continuous act of worship or through our external focus on outreach – or of getting out of our church buildings, with the intention of being more relevant and real to the wider community.

What great exploits should we expect from you during 2012?
Assisting in delivering a safe, secure and enjoyable Olympic and Paralympics Games through my role in the OPCT.
You can follow him on twitter @LeroyLogan999
Nathaniel Peat is a multi-talented young man who wears a lot of hats. He is a trained pilot; runs a social enterprise, The Safety Box, which trains young people how to combat knife crime; works as the International Development Director for the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Charity; runs a martial arts school; is Chairman of JamIn UK, and serves as Programme Director of Surviving Our Streets charity. He also provides assistance and runs workshops for start-up business owners; is a public speaker, and is regularly invited to serve as a media spokesperson on youth issues.


How does your faith impact your work?
My faith helps me to stay focused. I know that everything is possible to him that believes, and I try to apply this to every task. It is only through Yahweh, and by His power, that I have managed to achieve what I have. The Bible teaches that it is far better to give than to receive, so I apply the attitude of service to the things I do.

What unique contribution do you feel men bring to the church?
Men bring leadership. In the Bible, we are charged to be spiritual heads. Our contribution to church is essential, especially for the younger generation of boys, as we need to be role models to them. Men must take a more active role in guiding the youth of the church. We must not come across as arrogant, but we should aim to have the servant-like leadership qualities of Christ in establishing the direction and wellbeing of others.


Who’s your favourite male character in the Bible and why?
It has to be Daniel. Even though he was confronted with compromise at the most basic level of his existence, Daniel revealed that he would not defile himself with the portion of the King’s meat, neither the wine that they drank. Despite being a captive, Daniel chose to serve God rather than man, even at the cost of his life. Daniel was faithful, obedient, courageous and inspiring. Despite the hostility of the Babylonian way towards the God of Israel, his courage rubbed off on his three friends, and they all stood together as beacons of conviction, faith and humility.
What great exploits should we expect from you during 2012?
I hope to help the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Charity expand into the world; it will assist so many young people to get a better life; teach them lots of skills through entrepreneurship and enterprise, and give them access to education. For many children living in deprived communities around the world, all they lack is opportunity. Once they get the opportunity, they will then have the ability to lift themselves out of poverty.
For more details, visit www.nathanielpeat.com, connect with him at www.facebook.com/nathaniel.peat, or follow him on twitter@nathanielpeat

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