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MOBO award-winning artist, songwriter and producer, Victizzle, talks to Keep The Faith about his new EP, Misfits, a prelude to the release of his second album later this year.


KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): Victizzle, you burst onto the scene with your debut album In My World; won a MOBO, and then seemed to disappear. Where have you been hiding?


Victizzle (V): I wasn’t hiding exactly, LOL. I was finishing off studying at University and, at the same time, working as a producer for many projects, including for my artists, Franklyn. So that took up a lot of my time.


KTF: You’re back with a new video single called Rumours and EP. What’s the inspiration behind this EP?


V: The EP is really just me as both a producer and artist, presenting myself to the listeners as raw as I can. You can hear me fighting against a lot of negativity that I had been going through, and just accepting myself as I truly am. It’s all to keep my fans and supporters going till the second album drops in the summer.


KTF: How have people been responding to your new release?


V: I think people are taking a while to warm up to this different side of Victizzle. They are used to a happier, more ‘preachy’ Victizzle, but that isn’t the only side to me, and this EP really shows it. It shows that I’m human, that I can get angry at things, and that I deal with and overcome insecurities, just like every other human being. But all of that was just a dark time in my life, and the new album will truly show my growth and, of course, the usual happy and uplifting Victizzle, LOL.


KTF: Alongside Guvna B, Jahaziel… you’ve all won a MOBO. How did you feel when your name was announced as winner of the 2009 MOBO award?


V: I really just felt honoured about being amongst artists that I look up to, who have done great things in the industry. I wasn’t too bothered about winning the award…I’m not where I wanna be, so I don’t feel like I deserve any award yet, but I am certainly very grateful to MOBO and the fans for all their support.


KTF: What impact did winning a MOBO have on your ministry?


V: It just made people appreciate me more, I think. It gave me more awareness to newer audiences, and caused new fans to go and research my past work, both from gospel and mainstream. And also, it’s great to have MOBO on your CV, LOL.


KTF: Describe Victizzle in five words


V: Innovative, Fearless, Fun, Spiritual, Me


For more details, visit or follow him on twitter @VictizzleMusic

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