Should Black churches become obsolete?

I read with interest the KTF news story, stating that Pastor Agu Irukwu, head of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, would like to see Black churches become obsolete.  Whilst I am all for diversity in our congregations, why the end of Black churches?   Shouldn’t Rev Agu be calling instead for an end to all monocultural churches?   The reality is that the church landscape in the UK is not as bleak or disunited as it may be perceived.   There are many denominations in this country that have a diverse constituency.   Instead of calling for the Black church to become non-existent, maybe Pastor Agu should look at why Black Pentecostal churches are failing to attract a more diverse congregation.  Is it because their structures are too rigid; because the wider community aren’t interested in attending a Black Pentecostal church, or because of racism?  I’d love to hear his views on these questions.

James Axle, Kent

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