Goodbye Mr Rich by Marcia Dixon

The British gospel music community recently celebrated the life of one its leading gospel reggae artists, Tony Rich, who died following years of ill health.

Tony was born in Jamaicato Bishop Ivan Richards and Evangelist Rose Burrell, and was known for his talent, and his work producing a number of gospel reggae artists, including Osmond Collins, Denzil Dennis and Hensley King.  He also collaborated with The Watchman on the hit gospel song, ‘I’m Not Sorry’.

People I’ve spoken to have lovingly shared how Tony helped several gospel reggae artists to find a platform for their art and, for the lucky few, recording contracts or distributions deals – often with very little reward for himself.

Let’s aim to live our lives as selflessly as we can, because when we leave this earth, as Mr Rich’s life demonstrates, people should remember us for the good that we do; the people we help, and the love that we share.  Mr Rich, RIP.

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