Rappers produce ‘Fatherless’ video

A group of young Christian men have produced a heartfelt short documentary on the impact an individual’s relationship with their father can have on their children’s lives.

Entitled The Fatherless, the 10-minute film has been produced by WriteWay Music, a media collective comprising of Christian artists/rappers Tunde “Tunday” Balogun, Robert “Presha J” Awuku, Leké Akinyemi and Dwayne “Rhema” Edwards.

They are all featured in the video talking about their relationship with their fathers, and how it has impacted their lives.

WriteWay Music obtained some of the material for the video by asking their Twitter followers to share their good and bad experiences of the father/child relationship.

Since the online launch of The Fatherless last month, WriteWay Music has received numerous feedback.  Tunday shared, “The response has been overwhelming.  It has inspired some to contact their fathers, and encouraged men who are about to become fathers to be there for their children.  People have also taken comfort from the fact that God is the ultimate Father.”

The documentary has been shown in a number of churches, and the producers are now receiving invitations to talk about issues raised in the documentary, such as absentee fathers, identity, and the father/son relationship.  They are also considering making a Fatherless album.

For more details, visit www.writewaymusic.com.

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