Celebrating the Passion of Youth By Marcia Dixon

Young people often provide the drive, energy and creativity within the Christian community. Their untainted passion for God, if properly utilised, can help to revitalise a dying ministry; promote growth in a healthy church, and bring about transformation in areas of society that require drastic change.


Keep The Faith talks to six young people who are making an impact in their respective fields, and learns how their faith is inspiring them to make a difference in the church and in the wider world.




Adam & Matthew Brooks are brothers and co-founders of one of the UK’s most popular Christian websites – www.m-briomusic.com – which carries news, videos and interviews with leading Christian artists. Adam and Matthew also publish an online youth magazine called MEX, and run a PR management/social media consultancy. Adam works as the Project Co-Ordinator at Transformation Centre, which provides mentoring for young people, and is Head of Marketing and Creativity of M-Brio Services. Matthew is also a youth mentor, and serves as Content Manager, A & R, and social media manager for M-Brio Music.


Each brother has their own individual dreams and aspirations for the future. Adam desires to have a successful marriage with his wife, Estelle, and to help take Christian music mainstream, whilst Matt – who is single – wants to create a legacy that provides young people with jobs within media and music, and that enables them to pursue their dreams.


What are the greatest struggles you experience as a young person, and how does your faith help you overcome them?


Adam: Finding your way through the world, when all the world tells us is that there is no hope nor opportunities for us. Knowing that – regardless of what’s going on in the world -God is in control, and that He is looking out for us, is a way my faith helps me overcome these struggles.


Matt: My greatest struggle often comes in the form of self-limiting beliefs and low self-confidence. The youth of today are so creative and aspirational, but often the biggest challenge we face is ourselves, and not thinking we have the ability to have a dream and make it a reality.


How does your faith inspire you to fulfil your ambitions?


Adam: My faith will inspire me by holding onto the principals in God’s Word and by being reminded that with God nothing is impossible.
Matt: The heart and soul of all that I do is for Him. The dreams/aspirations I have aren’t about selfish gain, but sowing to reap a harvest for the Kingdom of God – particularly in the UK. This is bigger than me, and being entrusted with this vision isn’t something I take likely, so even when I don’t want to carry on I stay faithful to the call I feel God has placed on my life.


In what ways do you think the Church can inspire young people to fulfil God’s purpose in their lives?


Adam: By doing the things Jesus did, not just being inwardly focused. Have an opinion on what’s going on in the world, and be in a position to make a difference.
Matt: I believe young people will find more purpose in the Church when the Church shows young people the various ways that they can minister in the 21st century world. In a lot of churches, becoming a Minister, Preacher, Pastor, etc, are seen as the height of excelling as a Christian. Young people need to be shown how their varying gifts can be used to impact the local church and world at large.


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