Dr Elizabeth Babatunde

Dr Elizabeth Babatunde currently works as Medical Doctor at Watford General Hospital. She is also an author, and has written several devotionals including the ‘Footprints in The Sand’ devotional, which aims to help young people become strong, confident Christians. Dr Babatunde has also established a charity called Christ Ambassadors, which will seek to assist health promotion and health education programmes in developing countries starting with Nigeria.


What are the greatest struggles you experience as a young person, and how does your faith help you overcome them?
The biggest struggles I experienced as a young person were to do with my family. For many years, we were a single parent family, with my mum as the sole provider. Whilst studying medicine, I also faced challenges that threatened to abort my dream of becoming a doctor and, during my early years of stepping into God’s vision for my life, I didn’t have many people who believed in or supported me, even when I started my charity, Christ Ambassadors. Despite all this, my faith in Christ gave me a positive self-esteem, boldness in the face of discouragement, and favour against all odds. I owe Christ my life: He truly is my everything.


How does your faith inspire you to fulfil your ambitions?
My faith is the source and fuel for the ambitions I have. It is only through my faith and relationship with God that I am inspired to achieve things for His glory, and it is by faith that they will all occur. I believe strongly that when God gives you a vision, He also gives you divine ability, provision and strength to achieve it. He empowers you with His grace and favour; pouring into your heart and mind a continuous flow of ideas. He is the One who gives me the passion and desire to continue in them as I make my journey.


In what ways do you think the Church can inspire young people to fulfil God’s purpose in their lives?
The Church is the ideal place for young people to be inspired and developed in order to achieve God’s purpose for their lives. Many churches are filled with mature Christians who are living out their faith in the marketplace, setting trends, and paving the way for the younger generation to learn and be supported by them. One of the challenges young people face is discerning what their purpose in life is, and issues around self-worth and self-esteem. The answers are found in the Word of God, and the Church can assist young people in developing a healthy self-esteem, and living their divinely-inspired destinies.


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