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MOBO Award winner, Guvna B, is one of Britain’s leading urban gospel artists. He spoke to Lori Powell about his life as a gospel artist; his achievements to date, and details about his forthcoming album


Since graduating from University with a degree in Business Management, Guvna B – now 23 – has made tremendous progress within his unique calling as a gospel artist.


This year, he became a celebrity ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, and a representative for Youth for Christ, both of which are charities with a vision of changing young people’s lives. Commenting on his involvement in these initiatives, he shared, “I strongly believe that there’s strength in numbers, and that my contribution to projects such as these will cause us to have a big impact on the community.”


Although Guvna B is not one for having a set, daily routine, he spoke about what a ‘typical day’ for him can involve. “For me, a typical day can include anything from being invited by Prime Minister David Cameron to come and receive an award for being one of the UK’s top 10 Black students, to signing a contract with Adidas to endorse their gear.” Guvna B’s typical day is a bit different from your everyday young adult’s, but he insists he also likes to do normal everyday things, too. He says, “I like take my mum out and treat her when I can.”


If you are blessed enough to spend time with this gifted young man, you will discover how much of his time is dedicated to others. He operates regularly as a young people’s mentor, who brings a message of hope and achievement through well-crafted workshops. It is during these workshops that he has the opportunity to inspire the students to live a life of integrity. He shared, “I have been going into schools; doing talks to the students, helping them discover their true identity.” And whenever he is doing none of the above, you will find him in the studios of Premier Gospel Radio, presenting his own show called ‘The Hip Hop Sessions’ every Wednesday from 7pm-9pm.


In 2011, Guvna B celebrated the success of his free album, ‘Scrapbook – The Mixtape’, which received over 25,000 downloads. He shared that he recorded the free giveaway to bless his fans. “The Scrapbook album was a complimentary gift to my most loyal fans and dedicated supporters, and included a mixture of tracks written at different stages of my life.”


And now, the latest track to be unleashed from the GB headquarters is called ‘Free’, which can best be described as a vibrant feel-good anthem from his upcoming album, ‘Odd One Out’ due to be released in July.


The song includes a popular chorus from the 90s summer hit, ‘Free’ by R’n’B artist, Ultra-Nate. It sends a message of enjoyment and freedom in Christ, which Guvna B encourages all his fans to pursue. He has been over the moon with the response so far: “The video for the single has already received an overwhelming response, with over 10,000 views just days after its release and airplay on Choice FM, so I’m really happy about that.”


Looking at his music now, in comparison to where it was when he first started out, Guvna B insists that the sound, approach and foundations are still the same, and that his life experiences contribute to his music more. He also gave a little insight into what we can expect from his forthcoming album, ‘Odd One Out’. “The album will include a mixture of genres, which will satisfy the taste buds of youth from all types of background. I wanted it to be versatile, but still grounded on the same sounds and approach.” Guvna B and his supporters are anticipating a great response.


When asked about what inspires him personally, Guvna B talked freely about Jesus Christ and the integrity with which He fulfilled His calling on earth. He said, “If people understood why they were placed on this earth, there would be a lot more smiles in the world.” He also cites his mother – and her strong Christian influence in his life from a very early age – as a major contributing factor to where he is today.


As the time draws nearer for London to entertain the world by hosting the 2012 Olympics, Guvna B plans to be part of the sporting action. He tells us, “I will be joining the Youth for Christ team, as they organise various sporting events and creative arts programmes in North Greenwich to reach out to the people of London.” He also plans to work alongside sports clothing company, Adidas, to support the Games.


Making no apologies for the progress he has made, Guvna B stays true to the philosophy that determination and confidence in Christ pay off, and he shows an honourable level of gratitude to God for the life that He has given him to live.


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