Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry is a young worship leader, who travels throughout the UK and abroad to lead praise and worship. An avid songwriter and musician, Joseph is desirous to write songs that change hearts and attitudes across the world. He is currently involved in work with young adults at his local church, City Gates in Ilford, Essex, and is currently working on new material for his debut album, though no release date is set.


What are the greatest struggles you experience as a young person, and how does your faith help you overcome them?
There’s this constant expectation to succeed in everything you do: exams throughout our youth, jobs, projects, etc. We live in a results-driven society. But when you’re walking with God, sometimes – and this is true in my life – I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! This is where faith comes in. Doing like Peter: stepping out of the boat, holding on to Jesus, trusting He has the next move completely under control!


How will your faith inspire you to fulfil your ambitions?
My faith in Jesus Christ is central to who I am. I never really directly draw ‘inspiration’ from it, because everything I do in life is shaped by my relationship with Jesus. I have big dreams and big ideas, but I’m just placing them into God’s hands, trusting that His ideas are betterthan mine, and that His plan for my life is way better than my own plan! I just want to fulfil His ambitions!


In what ways do you think the Church can inspire young people to fulfil God’s purpose in their lives?
The Church is doing a great job! The majority of churches have done so well to adapt, to re-shape the presentation of the timeless message, and we’re seeing the fruits of that! There’s always more we can do, however, so I think practical things like Career Days and Mentorship Schemes are extremely important. Also, there’s an element of giving young people some control over the Sunday services that is important. Getting them involved in ministry, so they can find their feet, and see what God wants them to do! Things like these would certainly make a massive difference!


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