Lee Ferrigon Takes The Plunge For Charity

Christian Lee Ferrigon joined forces with gospel singer, Lurine Cato, and friends of his late wife to raise money for charity by falling from a plane.


When his wife died of cancer in 2010, Lee founded the Keisha Ferrigon Foundation, and has been on a mission to raise money for charitable causes ever since.


Lee and co skydived from 15,000ft at Hush Baldstone in Lincoln, and aim to raise over £2000 for PACT (Parents Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia).


Although Lee and his crew were new to skydiving, it seems they were awestruck by the experience, particularly Lee who stated, “It was one of the greatest experiences ever – seeing the world from a different perspective. We were free falling at 150-175 miles per hour, but it felt like flying.”

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