Discipline must demonstrate love and care

Melvyn Davis’ article about parental discipline of teenagers was very interesting. I can’t agree with him that using physical force to discipline one’s child is wrong. I do agree that the use of excessive force is not necessary, but am of the opinion that too many Black parents have thrown out the baby with the bathwater, and now fail to discipline their children properly because they don’t want to follow the ’Windrush Generation’s approach to parenting’. I do believe that parents must be able to exert authority and discipline over their children, but it must be administered and undergirded by love. Physical force should be just one in a range of tools that parents use to discipline their children, and one that is used the most sparingly. Children must be able to look back on their childhood and state that they were loved, cared for, and that when their parents administered discipline, it was done so fairly. Peter Brown, Luton

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