from homelessness to royal opera house

A survivor of domestic violence has thanked the Salvation Army for helping her rebuild her life and fulfil her dream of singing at the Royal Opera House. Adele Armstrong, 40, featured in ‘With One Voice,’ an international concert organised to coincide with the Olympic Games to showcase talent amongst those who have been affected by homelessness.

Adele recently debuted at the famous Covent Garden venue as part of Kabin Krew, the music/poetry/drama group she joined while living at Ann Fowler Lifehouse, a Salvation Army residential centre in Liverpool. Adele explained, “It was absolutely brilliant. I was really looking forward to the concert and I wasn’t disappointed. We’ve had a great response in Liverpool, and it was great to get an opportunity to play at such a great place as the Royal Opera House. When I first came to Liverpool, I don’t think I would have had the strength to try anything like this. The Salvation Army is helping me get back on my feet, and I’m really thankful to them.”

Adele, a qualified carer, chef and foster parent, added, “I found myself having to escape domestic violence. I left my partner and stayed with friends, moving from home to home for about 18 months. Eventually I was sleeping rough in parks, bus stops, doorways, anywhere I could find to get some sleep.”

When a vacancy opened up at Ann Fowler Lifehouse, Adele was welcomed to stay at the 38-bed centre. More than a hostel or shelter for the night, all Salvation Army lifehouses work to help residents get their lives back on track. The offer of short-term accommodation for the homeless comes with the provision of training and activities.

“My life is on its way up, and I am ready to be rehoused and move on with my life. The Salvation Army has put me on the right track.”

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