Learning from the Olympians

I’ve been greatly inspired by the 2012 Olympics. It’s been a pleasure watching the sports, and reading about athletes’ personal journeys to Olympic glory. Stand out moments for me include:

Usain Bolt, becoming Olympic Champion for the second time in the Men’s 100m and 200m

Nicola Adams, the first woman (period) to win a boxing medal at the Olympics (and for winning gold!)
Gabby Douglas, who was the first African-American to be crowned the all-round Gymnastics champion

Kirani James, who became the first Grenadian to receive an Olympic medal after winning the Men’s 400m

Felix Sanchez, who bawled tears of joy and relief as he collected his Olympic medal for winning the Men’s 400m Hurdles

There were lots of other stories of athletes who overcame bereavement, serious injury, loss of form or who, after years of coming second, finally won the gold they’d always dreamed of.

Sporting endeavour is a metaphor for life. We all have goals that we set ourselves and for which we equip ourselves with the skills, strength and stamina required to reach those goals. We also recognise that, on the way to accomplishing our ambitions, we’ll encounter a range of obstacles that can and have to be overcome.

The Bible compares life to a race – and the great thing about the race of life is that everyone can run it at their own pace, and win a prize. If they keep their eyes on God, He’ll help them complete it – no matter what life obstacles they face.

I’m so grateful to those Olympians who have provided me, along with the whole world, with great sporting memories, and for reminding us all that no goal that we conceive of in our minds is impossible to achieve. You’ve done it. So can we.

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