More quality than quantity please!

Too much of the Black Christian experience is centred on attending events – whether it’s a concert, conference, convention, workshop or seminar. There’s nothing wrong with events per se – they provide believers with opportunities to learn, be encouraged, to network and to partake in communal worship. However, couldn’t churches be utilising members’ time and skills more effectively, by providing a better quality of events for them to attend?

Christians are part of an army, whose task is to build the Kingdom of God; share the Gospel message to all; do good works, and defend the faith against detractors. Since this is the case, shouldn’t church events be more focused on training, equipping and empowering Christians to be more effective in these areas, and teaching them how to counter unchristian cultural trends and how to deal with key concerns affecting communities? Surely this would be preferred to sitting through hours of events that add little or no value to their lives at all, except maybe to provide entertainment.

Is it any wonder, then, that so many believers are suffering from ‘church events burn out’?

Events are a powerful tool, but let’s provide better quality events that help produce more effective Christians.

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