networking men and women for marriage

Churches in South London are being encouraged to join a new network that will encourage more men to become Christians; explore singleness and marriage, and help single Christians to find marriage partners.

The Promise Christian Network will launch on September 1 at the New Testament Church of God, Bawtree Road, Deptford, London SE8. Carole Litchmore, who attends Feed My Lambs Ministries in East Dulwich, London, is the brainchild behind this initiative. She shared, “In most churches, there are many single women who want to be married but see little prospect of marrying a Christian husband, and feel a sense of hopelessness as a result. Part of the reason for this is the imbalance of men and women in our churches, and because some people don’t have the necessary skills to build strong relationships.”

She added, “The Promise Christian Network aims to redress this state of affairs, by working with a number of churches in South London to increase opportunities for men and women to socialise. We will also organise outreaches to men, as well as provide guidance and training.”

Ms Litchmore hopes that at least 70% of those who go through The Promise Programme will be married or engaged within three years, and that it will also contribute to a 70% rise in the number of men attending the churches that are a part of the Network.

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