new patois devotional published

Pheonia Bailey, aka The the Poetic Patois Princess, has just released the first ever Jamaican Patois Devotional. (JPD).
This popular poet, hopes that her unique devotional will strengthen the faith of believers, as well as help raise the profile of Jamaican patois as a language.
She was inspired to write the JPD after she compiled a booklet about Jamaica for her fellow church members, who were going on a mission trip to the island. The feedback she received about it was so complimentary, that she decided to write her devotional, which is also eliciting positive feedback. Pheonia shared, “People of Jamaican descent have commented that the terminologies and photos have taken them back to pleasurable childhood days. English readers have said they appreciate the way that patois is mixed in to give a greater experience of the culture and language without it being too overpowering.”

Pheonia, a member of Acts Christian Church in Thornton Heath, Surrey, is hopeful that the JPD will strengthen people’s faith. She said, “I want the JPD to do more than just peak pique an interest. It is my prayer that it will fan a flame in mind and soul as people read, and that they will hunger and thirst for the righteousness of God. I want people to laugh, cry, think and be encouraged!”

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