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The debut album Edge Street from Divine Divine, winners of the 2011 Time2Shine Gospel Talent search is now out. They talk to Keep The Faith about working together, their music and the importance of faith

What are Divine Divine’s feelings about being the first ever winners of the Time2Shine Gospel Talent Search?

David: It feels great to be the first ever winners, because we have the opportunity to set the bar and lay a good foundation for the winners to come. It is also a nice title and has a ring to it.

Nadine: It was a bit scary. However, it was also quite a privilege to be the forerunners of a powerful vision.

How easy/difficult has it been to bond together as a group, and what are the benefits of being in a group?

Nadine: From the start, we bonded surprisingly well and quickly, and it just seemed to fit! Being in a group feels like being part of a musical family and trusted team to keep you in check and level-headed. Not to mention more ideas to create good music.

David: I thought it would be quite difficult because we are all four different individuals with strong personalities, but I was pleasantly surprised that we actually get along… It’s rather inexplicable…!
Lawrence: The connection is just Divine!

Neresa: It’s been great singing with this group. Each one of us is a strong soloist in our own right, so making changes or trying new things is a breeze. We really get on well together, too.

You’ve recorded songs for Divine Divine’s first ever album. What did you enjoy most about the recording process?

Lawrence: The writing process. We all have many different influences that we were able to bring together to produce our debut album.

Neresa: Each song is a reflection of our life experience, or something we want to express to the Lord. The style of the music also reflects our differences.

Although it’s difficult to predict, which songs do you think are going to be a big hit with the people who buy your album?

Lawrence: ‘Till we meet again’, as it’s got that African Caribbean vibe which makes everyone wanna dance.

David: Everyone loves a bit of African vibes.

Nadine: If I had to choose one, I would say either ‘Conqueror’ or ?’Don’t worry about me’…

Neresa: Ooh… I think it’s a toss up between ‘I Just Wanna Say’ or ‘You Are’!

What impact are you hoping your music will have on the young people who will no doubt hear it?

David: I hope the music helps young people get through hard times. I hope our songs are the ones that come to mind in the darkest times of their lives, because they find the songs useful, meaningful and relevant to them.

Neresa: I hope we help young people to love their own individuality. We are all very different, and yet we are able to come together as one. Praise God!!!

Describe Divine Divine in five words
Unique, Eclectic, Relevant, One, Divine!

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