New Stage Play Tackles Singleness

The subject of being single, and the issues that surround it – celibacy, finding a partner and wanting children – is a perennial subject within Britain’s Black Christian communities. Playwright Silvano Griffith-Francis has decided to explore this issue in her new play, ‘Life Begins’, which is being staged at The Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2JU from 18 to 23 September, 2012.

‘Life Begins’ tackles singleness from the point of view of four Christian friends, who all have their own unique struggles with the issue.

It features Rob, a divorcee seeking to reconcile with his wife; Julie, a singleton, desperately wanting to be married; Steven, a fussy singleton who seems destined to be single, and Amanda who, though not married, is determined to fulfil her dream of having a child.

Silvano, who has staged other productions, including ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Far From Grace’, hopes that Life Begins will shed new light on a much-discussed topic, as well as provide an enjoyable evening of entertainment for audiences.

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