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Husband and wife worship duo, Clif and Marie, have been wowing audiences across the UKwith their recently released debut album, If Only.  They talk with Keep The Faith about music, faith and their new radio show about marriage.

KEEP THE FAITH: How long have you been singing together?

Clif:  We have been singing together for about two years. Marie has been singing for years, starting in choirs, then in group called Redeemed with Lurine Cato.

Marie: Clif has always been the keyboardist hiding his vocal talent, but not anymore!

KTF:  What’s it like singing alongside your spouse?

Marie:  Fantastic.   We have the same heart for worship and praise. We enjoy working together as youth pastors, worship leaders. Plus we travel together, and we have a great support network.

KTF:  What inspired you to record If Only, and what did you enjoy/dislike the most about the recording process?

Clif:  It was inspired by going through some really tough times, losing loved ones; losing employment; tough life experiences. We enjoyed being in the studio: the feel; the creativity; the atmosphere; bouncing ideas of each other; working with Luke and the band, and watching our dream come to fruition. Disliked time going so fast, and having to go back to reality once the session ended.

KTF:  The album has some great songs on. What are your three favourites and the inspiration behind them?

Marie:  Here are three favourites, but don’t hold us to them for long, LOL!  If only, as it’s ministered to so many hearts already. It has brought tears, restoration, comfort, celebration.  Amazing, because that’s just what God is to us every day. Today, as it pushes your mind to today not yesterday.   We live for today! In Christ we live!


KTF:  Why do you think there are so few husband/wife praise and worship duos around?

Clif:  Not sure why. Usually only one spouse has the better singing voice and (the other spouse) allows that person to fulfil their call. Hopefully, we will be an inspiration to other couples; it’s good to do things together!

KTF:  What impact are you hoping that the ministry of Clif & Marie will have on the Church and the wider community?

Marie:  We are called  to spread the Gospel through the ministry of music.  Already we have seen hearts touched and healed.  We heard about an autistic child being moved by our music, and only wanting to play our song. We want the world to hear these songs.

KTF:  What can we expect from Clif & Marie in the foreseeable future?

Clif:  We are on our church tour at the moment, to coincide with the release of the album.   We already have songs for a second album, and we are starting to also write a love album for couples.   We’ve been asked to host a marriage relationship show on UGN

RADIO, which we’re really excited about.  We want marriages and those wanting to get married to experience happiness.

KTF:  Describe Clif & Marie in five words

Marie:  Energetic, fun, worshipers, likeable and inspirational!

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Christian Sexuality Explored In New Play

Tonya-Joy-Bolton-gospel-newsIf you want to see the issue of female sexuality explored from a Christian perspective, then you should check out ‘Breaking the Silence’, a one woman show, written and performed by Tonya Joy Bolton.  She’ll be performing her production at The Black Messiah Symposium: Images of Jesus in Black Urban Cultures, an event organised by theologian Dr Robert Beckford, taking place at Canterbury Christ Church University,Kent on November 3.

Tonya is Director of West Midlands-based organisation, ICU Transformational Arts, and wrote ‘Breaking The Silence’ to encourage discussion on the issue of singleness and celibacy within the Church.  Her production also addresses issues such as religion, sexuality and sexual abuse.

“A major issue facing single women of faith today is sexuality,” shared Tonya. “My one-woman show addresses questions and issues that many women of faith have, but have been discouraged from asking due to tradition, socialisation and cultural norms. However, this silence is doing a disservice to our communities and to ourselves. We need to change the dialogue. We need to keep it real, and tell it like it is!”

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Rapper Joins Safetynet Campaign

MOBO Award-winning gospel artist, Jahaziel, has released a free download to support the Premier Radio and Safermedia campaign, Safetynet, which is calling on the Government to block children’s access to internet porn.Jahiezel-for-gospel-news

Jahaziel uses the track, entitled ‘Theft of My Innocence’ to reveal how he became addicted to pornography at a young age, after accidently viewing it at the age of six, and how it was only through becoming a Christian during his late teens that he got the strength to break the addiction.

He said, “Young people need to see other young people who have made the decision to stay away from pornography. This is my testimony, from six, through teens, and how I eventually found freedom from it.”

Peter Kerridge of Safetynet, and CEO of Premier Christian Media, commented, “Jahaziel’s childhood introduction to pornography is vividly portrayed along with the trauma he experienced.  It’s a strong and important message for Internet Service Providers to introduce a voluntary block on pornography – with an ‘opt-in’ for adult viewing.”

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