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After years of singing as a worship leader – both as a soloist and with numerous worship outfits, including Nu Image led by Noel Robinson – Donna Akodu has released her own praise and worship album, When Heaven Breaks In. She spoke to KeepThe Faith about being in the spotlight

KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): What inspired you to step out from the shadows and into the limelight to record your own album, after spending years as a member of various worship ensembles?

DONNA AKODU (DA): Seasons, nothing ever happens before its time and I realise that, when you are walking in God’s purpose for your life, there will always be a season for you to come into your own. This just happens to be my time. The grounding and everything I’ve learned from being part of those groups have prepared me for now.

KTF: Where did you get your inspiration for your songs, and how did you find the whole recording process?

DA: Inspiration for the songs came from life, my own personal journey. I write a lot with Noel, so we use our experiences to put into the lyrics of songs. The Bible is also a wealth of inspiration, and always a good place to start.

The recording process was a learning curve; there are so many other things in the process to think about. So, through it all I’ve grown and learned lots about the whole thing; the lessons have been invaluable. I had great help from both Gozi Owogwu my producer, and from Noel. They’ve done this many times before, and gave guidance along the way.

KTF: How would you describe the music on the album, and what songs are striking a chord with listeners?

DA: It’s a worship experience. The feedback I’ve had from people is that different songs on the album have touched them, and not necessarily the ones I thought would. The title track, ‘When Heaven Breaks In’, is one a lot of people have connected to. It speaks about God breaking in through our worship, and the miraculous happening in that moment.

KTF: In your many years of ministry, singing across the UK and the world, which experiences stand out for you re your music ministry impacting and changing lives?

DA: I think in all the time I’ve been travelling, it’s been the real change that God brings through worship. It’s the connection people have with God that’s making a difference in their lives. It’s the testimonies about the healing people have experienced, whether that be physical or spiritual. It’s seeing someone know that there is a God who cares; music is a powerful tool that can do that.

KTF: Now that your album is out, what should we expect from you in the next few months?

DA: I’m still doing things with Nu Image and Noel, but I’m hoping to also do a church tour next year. I’d love to be able to do that, just getting the word out there about the album. Further down the road, more albums and writing more songs for the church to sing.

KTF: Describe Donna Akodu in a few words.

DA: I’m a worshipper who happens to be…

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