Angie Le Mar interview was inspiring

I’ve always been a fan of comedienne Angie Le Mar, and I was pleased to read her interview in Keep The Faith (issue 76) and to learn that she’s become a Christian. I was moved by her candour and openness about the depression and setbacks she experienced, which led her to speak to her mother, whose prayers opened up a whole new world for her, including a renewed relationship with the Lord. Like Angie mentioned in the article, there are many people in our community who were brought up in the Church who, for one reason or another, left to do their own thing. Thankfully, God’s arms are always open wide and, due to the prayers of our parents, many of us are now returning. I include myself if this number. I’m glad that Angie Le Mar is one of those who have seen the merits of serving the Lord, and I’m sure that she will inspire others to do so.

Judith Andrews, Manchester

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