Rosalind burke:Helping business account for themselves


She has worked as a bank clerk and as an advertising executive, but nowadays you’ll find Rosalind Burke teaching small business owners, freelance professionals and entrepreneurs how to account for themselves – well, at least in theory.

Though called ‘Account 4 Yourself’, Rosalind’s growing financial consultancy doesn’t actually leave the accountability for tax, book-keeping or financial control solely in the hands of clients, but offers a hands-on approach “so they can maximise their time on the day-to-day business.”

It is one of the headaches for small business owners, Rosalind explains, especially for those who run one-man enterprises. Because they want to get on with the business, “they can feel tempted to leave the admin and finance side of things undone, or worse, until it’s too late and things get out of hand.” This time of the year is particularly notorious for those last-minute panic calls from freelancers who have suddenly looked up from their desks to realise they have just a few weeks left to file their self assessment forms before the January deadline.

Rosalind says she meets clients “at their point of need.” Her involvement helps clients to become “more competitive in their market place, as they focus on business and delivery of their core services.”

Account 4 Yourself has been running since January 2009, and has a steady stream of clients in Central and outer London. Rosalind has a no-nonsense and thorough approach to her work, probably helped by her years as a credit controller for the Gleaner Voice Newspaper Group. But, despite her hard-nosed stance, it was the desire to take things a little easier that inspired her to want to work for herself.

“Believing that there was more to life than working 9 till 5 for a large company, and feeling my skills and knowledge were no longer being tested to the full capacity, I went back to studying, and plotted my route into becoming a freelance financial professional,” she said. “Then the test began.”

The ‘test’ was building a business – from the ground up – to provide a service which, though essential and needed by every business, operates in a market that is very well ‘accounted’ for.

Her greatest challenge was being bold and brave enough to canvass a large client. It paid off. That client “has become my biggest fan, and has recommended my services to others,” said Rosalind. “Word of mouth is such a powerful advertising tool.”

Challenges still abound, but she meets them head on by “staying confident and upbeat,” and through prayer.

“I have learnt that if a plan or business idea proves difficult to start, progress, or doors are not opening for you on that particular project, that the best thing to do is to put it to one side while you pray about it, as it might not be for now. In all things, God is working. You bring your skill, talent, experience, and God will open the doors. Then you just need to walk through them.”

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