Esther Fenty is a little harsh

I usually enjoy Esther Fenty’s responses to people who share their problems with her, but thought her reply to the young woman who was distraught because her ex, and father of her two children, announced that he had become a Christian and was marrying someone else was a little harsh. Many of the single parent mothers I know love God, but would also like to be in relationship with the father of their children, or find someone to share their life with. I do feel the Church is too accepting of single parenthood, in that it doesn’t encourage marriage, neither is it vocal enough in encouraging fathers to be responsible, whether they are in relationship with the mother of their children or not. My words of advice to the young mother are this: you did nothing wrong in praying that God re-unite you with the father of your children, but it’s obviously not part of His plan for you. Don’t despair, however. The best is yet to come.

Petula Roberts, Bristol

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