Following the Star

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, then you should get hold of Following The Star, which features some UK gospel greats.

The song, written by UK gospel queen and Wise Women Award-winner, Lurine Cato, sees her duetting with leading UK artist, Tony Momrelle; features a rap from Dove-nominated artist, JayEss, and is produced by Marcus Johnson.

She chose Tony, lead singer with soul outfit, Incognito, to accompany her on the track, because she knew he’d be a good vocal fit. She shared, “Regarding getting the right voice to duet on this track with me was hard, because it had to be a male vocalist who could sing high, sing RnB, and riff up the place, LOL!”

It’s Lurine’s hope that the track will put the Christ back into Christmas, and make listeners realise that Following the Star will take us Closer (the subtitle) to the Messiah.

Following the Star (Closer) is available to download from iTunes and other sites.

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