It’s more blessed to give than receive

For many, one of the best things about Christmas is that it makes people more generous, and causes them to live out the biblical teaching that it is more blessed to give than receive.
Giving is something churches should be renowned for, but in recent months I’ve had numerous complaints from both Christians and non-Christians, stating that, whilst churches are happy to accept money and gifts from all and sundry, they don’t seem too keen on spending it or distributing it to people who might need it.
In this Christmas season, it’s as good a time as any for churches to think about how they can give back to the community. Increasingly though, I’m hearing that more and more churches are setting up grant-making trusts, so that members and people from the wider community can apply for funding for various initiatives.
This is great news, and is a practical demonstration that churches are able and willing to help anyone – whatever their spiritual persuasion.

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