Why we need the Patois Bible

As a reader, I thought it best to share my thoughts on the Jamaican Bible, as many people’s reactions have been so negative. Jamaican Patois is a real language and, like many, was formed through the cultural exchanges of populations via invasion, migration and colonisation. People have argued that Patois isn’t a written language. But neither was Russian, Yoruba, Twi and MANY other languages. English was called the ‘b*stard language’ because 40% comes from French, 15% is Latin and another 10% is ‘other’ (everything). Therefore, only 30% of English is original, just like Jamaican. This Jamaican Bible is translated from the Greek, not the KJV. St Lucians and Haitians already have French Creole translations; we should be proud to do the same. I have lived and studied in Jamaica, and I can say that, although English is official, it’s Patois that’s social, and our culture’s all about the social aspect. There are hundreds of languages in the Earth today that have no written form. This is just a start (Matthew 24:14).

Matthew Charlery-Smith, London

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