change hearts with CCEF

We all know change is difficult – in our families, in our churches and in our world. And no change seems more difficult than change in the human heart, which is why, at Central Hall Westminster on Saturday 23rd February, Changing Hearts will be addressing exactly that issue.

Changing Hearts is the first UK conference involving CCEF, the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, based in Philadelphia, USA. For over 40 years, they have been setting the pace in biblical counselling, by showing how to apply the Gospel to issues of everyday life, in order to bring about lasting change. David Powlison, who brings a wealth of experience in pastoral counselling, will help us understand how pastoral care has been affected by the ‘therapy revolution’, and help us rediscover confidence in the ‘cure of souls’. Tim Lane, President of CCEF, will show how biblical counselling can, and should, be a core ministry in our churches.

The Conference will benefit church pastors, pastoral counsellors and, indeed, anyone who wants to know more about the way God’s Gospel changes us.

Further details about the Conference can be found at, and you can book online at Changing Hearts is an initiative of a group of pastors and counsellors from across the UK, who have themselves benefited from CCEF’s ministry, and are seeking to develop a network so that more in the UK can benefit from CCEF’s approach. You can contact us by email at



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