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Three Ways to Increase Your Social Media Reach


The first month of 2013 is already over, but it is still very early days for the year. So, reflecting on my top successes in 2012, I realised that Social Media propelled me a long way in establishing new business contacts, building relationships and sharing information.


Some successes I had with Social Media are:


Building a new fitness business

After discovering Zumba in 2011, I decided to become an instructor, and qualified in March 2012. I immediately created a group on Facebook, and invited all my friends who I felt fitted into my target clients. I also used Facebook statuses to announce my events, and joined various Enfield-based groups. I also created a fitness blog. In less than three months, I had a healthy interactive group on Facebook that now discusses issues around health and fitness. Visits to my Zumba website are increasing, and my ranking on Google for relevant keywords is high.


Establishing myself as a writer

I have been a closet writer for years, and decided to start publishing articles early in 2012 on my blog Using Facebook and Twitter, my articles are read by an increasing number of people. Another definite Social Media success.


For me, it’s a no-brainer: Social Media will definitely play a major role in 2013, and these are the three things I advise anyone considering using Social Media throughout the year:


Be Open

The Social Media space is a public space, and should never be considered as a private space.  Most Social Media websites are free to use, and have a right to update their terms and conditions – including privacy terms. In addition, any information posted can be shared by any of your friends to their friends, or in a more public web space. Your photos can be downloaded and used elsewhere. Rather than fight against this, embrace it, and use the space wisely. Extend your reach by having subscribers, increasing friends/followers, creating public statuses. Only post what you want the world to read. 


Be Consistent

Reading posts and tweets but never retweeting or commenting or posting statuses is a sure way to dry up your Social Media activity. Be consistent with your activity. One person I will never delete from my Facebook friends is Marcia Dixon, as she provides me with relevant, sometimes controversial, but insightful news on what is happening in the Christian space. I now consider her an influential source of information due to her constant updates. What about you? What is your reputation online?


Make Conversation

It is not enough to post updates and tweets and pictures. Make conversation with selected people. Being open allows you to have contact with people who may be relevant to your work, and whom you would never otherwise meet. Reply to tweets of an industry expert you want to connect with. He or she will eventually notice your retweets and replies. Send private messages to introduce yourself. Join LinkedIn groups and join the conversation.

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