How to improve your online strategy

How do you ensure your clients and customers can easily find what they need from you? How do you make sure that your marketing message is consistent across web, mobile and print media?

With a content strategy. A fairly new term that has grown in importance with the rise of technology, it helps ensure that you meet your business goals in the era of multiple media presence.

Here are a few ways to use it to your advantage:

Whenever you write content or information, ask, “What’s this for? What do I want it to do?” Be clear on the reasons why you write it.

Whether this is to provide correct information; reassure customers; answer frequently asked questions, or explain what will happen after a purchase, make sure it does it.

If you require a response from readers, tell them so clearly. Be consistent across your website, social media and printed information. Make sure it is easy to see.

Be clear on what you want to get from different social media. This will help you to decide what information works best where.

Making disciples at work

Are you a Christian working or running a business in the area of government, education, health, science, social care or media? If so, you are invited along to a series of discussion events exploring your role, and how God is using you to bring His Kingdom principles to your sphere of influence.

Hosted by Christian Women in Business UK (CWIBUK), the events are open to all, and aim to share stories and encourage Christians to look at the work of the Holy Spirit in working through ordinary people to fulfil the mandate to disciple all nations.

CWIBUK is a not-for-profit organisation for women in the ministry of business. It explores the outworking of biblical principles across all business activities, and the closure of the divide between what is often seen as the spiritual and the secular.

Talks take place in London. Please check the website at for dates, venues and costs.

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