My must-have gadget for 2013

Having never been a bona fide ‘gadget person’, my must-have gadget has to be something I need, that adds value to my life by helping me be more effective and efficient. For 2013, this has to be a new smartphone.


Smartphones, in my opinion, are one of the best and worst of gadgets to own. If care is not taken, they can control your life, as you can access information 24/7 via your smartphone. From email messages to text messages, Instant Messaging, Facebook notifications and Twitter updates, a blinking red light tempts you to check out what new message you have received.


But, used properly, you can stay in touch with friends you care about, and conduct business in a smart and efficient way.  Most of us now have a smartphone, and I strongly recommend it. The leading smartphones are the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy and the BlackBerry (even though the latter has bad reviews on its software and usability).

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