Want To Maximise Your Life? Take A Half-Time Break

 “If, like Esther, Moses, David, Paul and our Lord Jesus Christ, you were sent to Earth for such a time as this, how are you faring with your God-given assignment(s)?” 

Want To Maximise Your Life? Take A Half-Time Break 

No matter what age you are, Gladys Famoriyo writes it’s good to take time out from life, to regroup and strategise to implement and live out God’s plan for your life

Recently, I have been pondering on the concept of half time in sporting events, where the players have the opportunity to rest and recover from the previous half of the game. From what I have seen, it also gives the team the opportunity to regroup and strategise, so as to make effective use of the other half of the game – with the view of winning. This got me thinking: If this is done in sports, could we perhaps adopt such notions for our lives?

Many of us find ourselves caught on the treadmills of life, running at colossal speeds. Oftentimes, life just seems to be about being constantly ‘on the go’ and getting endless tasks/goals done. But how often do we take time out to consider what we are actually doing; why we do it; how we go about doing it, and the results we achieve? Do we often stop to consider if what we are doing fits in with God’s plan for our lives? More importantly, are we effectively using the most valuable resource we have been blessed with, ie. time? Many (if not all) of us fall into that trap of thinking we have all the time in the world, but that is not so. Without sounding morbid, the fact remains that the clock is ticking away. That’s how God instituted things, and so we are encouraged to “realise the brevity of life” (Psalm 90:12).

Learning To Number Your Days

Therefore, now is the time to consider maximising the time you have left. To do this, I would like you to ponder on this: Assuming where you are today is the halfway point of your life, how will you use the remaining half? By the way, I’m not talking about creating a ‘bucket list’ of all the exciting things you would like to do. Whilst there is nothing wrong with such, consider things from a Kingdom and eternity perspective. If, like Esther, Moses, David, Paul and our Lord Jesus Christ, you were sent to Earth for such a time as this, how are you faring with your God-given assignment(s)? This requires getting out of an “I’m working to live” mode into an “I’m living to serve” mode. I believe this was the mindset adopted by many of the saints who went ahead of us. It was all about the assignment. 

What’s That In Your Hands?

So, over to you. What has your life been about so far? Have you been engrossed in me, myself, and I? Has it solely been about making a ‘buck’ (though I appreciate we all have to make a living)? Has Heaven got any records of you cracking on with your earthly assignment? By the way, this can be in various forms, and does not necessarily mean a ‘pulpit’ ministry. He may need you to affect your family, work/business, community, nation or beyond. If you have lost sight of this, answer the question Father asked Moses in Exodus 4:2, “What’s that in your hands?” Believe me when I say we have all been given a measure of something, such as a gift, talent or skill to benefit ourselves and others. Yet, we lose sight of this for one reason or another. As I often say, when we choose to sit on what we have been dished out, someone somewhere fails to experience that which God has deposited within us. In short, they are deprived from experiencing the God in us.

The Three ‘Rs’

So, are you due a half-time life plan? If so, start off by adopting what I am referring to as the three ‘Rs’, namely Rest, Reflect, Re-Strategise. I believe that for us to live an effective, purposeful and fulfilling life requires all three. Adopt one over the other and you may short-change yourself.

Rest: When your mind is at rest, you are able to see clearer. Trying to plan your life whilst juggling several balls or on the brink of burnout will do you no good. In such a state, the chances are you will be in survival mode. However, if you can take some time to not only rest but be at rest within, you will find you are easily able to reconnect with what your spirit may have been trying to tell you all along. It’s amazing the things we miss, despite the many alarms bells ringing in our hearts. Better still, engage the Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal the heart of Father. After all, He is the Spirit of Truth.

Reflect: Many saints did this, such as Moses, David, Solomon and Paul. In Philippians 3:1-11, Apostle Paul reflects on his journey thus far, and was able to come to some conclusions and embark on new strategies (verses 12-14). Without adopting such, we stand a chance of losing sight of the good, the bad and the ugly. And when that happens, just how can we make progress?

Re-Strategise: Continuing with Apostle Paul’s example, in Philippians 3:12-14, he sets out his plan: to become focused and to pursue his God-given mandate. Whilst we would all agree that Paul had achieved a great deal at that point of his life, he recognised that there was more for him to do. He also realised that he did not have much time left. We, too, would do well to ‘tune in’ to God’s plan, so that we can “reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize.”

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