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WriteWay Music is a collective of four Christian artists – Tunde “Tunday” Balogun, Robert “Presha J” Awuku, Leké Akinyemi and Dwayne “Rhema” Edwards – who’ve just released their second music project, One Way Vol 2.  They spoke to Keep The Faith about their music, their projects and the future.


Keep The Faith (KTF):  How did you feel about your album entering the iTunes hip-hop charts?

TUNDAY: I was overwhelmed, and humbled to find out how fast it was climbing up – higher than secular industry artists! The lads and myself are very grateful for the people buying the album! We are so moved by their support!


KTF:  What are the key themes on the album, and which tracks are people really loving?

DWAYNE: The main theme of the album is the fact that this world has many routes

that lead to destruction, but only one to eternity – to God/Jesus. There are also other themes, such as purity and holiness. From what I’ve seen, the tracks people are loving most at the moment are Follow, Light Of The World and New Song.


KTF: WriteWay is a collective of four artists. What caused you to join forces and work together?

DWAYNE: I personally feel that it is simply an ordering of steps. If you hear the long version of just how we all met, I really feel it’s evident God brought us all together, LOL. These guys are the brothers I never had! It started off with Tunday, and then all the pieces just started to come together, and we are what you see now.


KTF:  What do you enjoy most about working together?

LEKE: I enjoy the live performances and tours the most. Time together for longer periods allows us to know and understand each other better. We’ve had some very memorable moments on the road together. Additionally, performing the tracks we’ve worked so hard on – to create and perfect – is so gratifying.


KTF: Your recent Fatherhood documentary, where you talk openly and honestly about your experiences, caused a bit of a stir.  Why do you think that was?

LEKE: The Fatherhood documentary could have possibly caused a stir as it’s quite a neglected topic in the Media. Media doesn’t admit that fatherlessness is the root of many societal and domestic issues today, so transparency into our personal father-son relationships was enough to raise an eyebrow.


KTF: What should we expect from WriteWay in 2013?  More music?  More films?

ROBERT: There are actually a lot of things in store for 2013. You have Tunday’s, Leké’s, Dwayne’s & my personal projects coming, which include singles and videos.   I really can’t wait for people to hear these projects.


KTF:  Describe WriteWay in five words.

ROBERT: Exciting, Creative, Stands out, Serious & Passionate


Visit www.writeway-music.com for more details

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