How to build your own website for free (well, next to nothing!)

Some of the cost of owning your own website can’t be avoided. For example, you need to buy a domain name and hosting. Still, there are ways to get a website without breaking the bank – by building it yourself.

1. The easiest way is with the WordPress blogging platform. Masking the url name, so that it doesn’t read something like can be done by logging into your domain account and changing the settings.

2. Another option is drag-and-drop software-as-service providers, such as SiteBuilder, Wix or Moonfruit. Again, some of these come with restrictions over the use of url names, and may carry third party advertising.

3. Free html templates are available online as another option. You can download, edit and upload them to your site, but you need to know a bit of html, or the experience can leave you with a dotcom mess.

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