Women over 40:push!

Dion Johnson is not like other midwives. She helps mid-life women go full term so that they can give birth. But not of the crumpled, kicking, screaming human type. Dion has had her full share of those – about 20 years of it. The type of birth this midwife-cum-mentoring coach helps with nowadays belongs to the category of visions and dreams.

“I am a mentor and messenger to managerial women over 40” is the way she describes it in her soft tone. “The reason why I’m working with women is because I am a midwife at heart, and skilled at coming alongside women at times when they are bringing forth fruit.”

There is plenty of correlation between the act of birthing a baby and bringing a vision to full term during the 40-something season of a woman’s life. She may have raised children and accomplished many things in her professional life, and now thinks she is over the hill… yet, inside, feels a gentle tapping for something more.

That’s where the challenge – and Dion – comes in.

“For many women around this age, when this desire comes knocking at her heart for more, she tries to silence it and not to listen. She says, “I am too old”, “Shouldn’t I be satisfied?”, “I am tired… aren’t those dynamic days for ‘popping out fruit’ finished?” In the end, she thinks to leave it to the younger ones.

“All of these excuses sound plausible but are a huge saboteur of dreams,” Dion continues. “A woman at this age can still receive another seed, and birth the most exciting things in her life.”

Dion helps women see that there are still greater things possible, and that, due to both the knocks and accomplishments, she is uniquely positioned to do more. Her services include on- and offline spaces for women to go through the process to birth a vision, ranging from a simple signing up to a free newsletter, to talks and workshops and, at the highest end, group and one-to-one coaching.

After working as a midwife to managerial level, and trailblazing mentoring projects for young women in crisis, Dion left her job in 2004 and spent a season in the wilderness, before re-emerging to coach both men and women. It was during these years of coaching professional people, who were longing for more but were scared stiff, that she felt called out to focus on women.

She sees her work as God’s baby, conceived out of her relationship with Him. “I, too, had done good things in the marketplace, but I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. It began to spill out into my life, and God showed me things I desired that didn’t match up with where I was.”

One of Bible stories that inspire Dion is that of Leah. “Leah is the matriarch of the children of Israel, yet she has facial issues and really wants to be loved and recognised, so she starts to have all these babies to gain the love of her man. But even after all these babies, he still loves Rachel. It is only when Judah arrives, that she changes, and looks to gain the approval of her God. That’s what this turning point in leadership life represents. These women have pleased parents, employers, colleagues, family and friends, and still find they aren’t fulfilled. Now they turn their hearts to knowing what God has sent them here to do, and what He wants to bring through their lives.”

For more details, visit www.dionjohnson.com

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