Britain a post-Racial society? I don’t think so!

Rev Wale Hudson-Roberts’ article, ‘Is Britain A Post-Racial Society?’ was an eye opener. Why do people believe that just because the US has elected its first ever Black president, and that there are more people in positions of influence, that the world has become colour blind? In America, Black people are still over-represented in the prison system; still likely to be unemployed, and still at the bottom of the pile when it comes to education, health and poverty. The same is true here in the UK, too, and there is still some truth in the old saying, “If you’re Black, stay back; if you’re Brown, stick around; if you’re Yellow, you’re mellow; if you’re White, you’re all right.” And, although Black people are moving forward, and there are increased opportunities for the most talented/disciplined/entrepreneurial in our community to rise to the top, there’s no way that Britain can be described as a post-racial society. That will only happen when Jesus comes back to the earth.

Peter Ongono, Manchester

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