Rev Bailey’s Views On Same-Sex Marriage Misguided

I could not believe my eyes when I read the Keep The Faith interview with Rev Paul Bailey (Issue 79), who is the first Black minister in Britain to publicly declare his support for same-sex marriage. Although he gave seemingly reasonable arguments as to why he believes the Bible allows same-sex marriage, I feel he is totally misguided. Whilst the Bible calls believers to love their neighbour, to not be judgmental of others and to be accepting of those excluded from society, to stretch these biblical injunctions to state that the Scriptures are accepting of same-sex marriage is taking things a little too far.  Nowhere at all do the Scriptures sanction same-sex relationships or marriage between two people of the same sex – no matter how loving or faithful they are – and any person who wants to call themselves a Christian cannot or should not be condoning same-sex relationships.

Joseph Andrews, Birmingham

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