Young Boy Encourages Children To Get A’s

The Iloyi family, comprising husband and wife gospel duo, Royal Priesthood, and their children, are keen to promote a positive image of the Black Christian family.

In 2011, their middle son, Khaliyl, caused a media storm when a video of him rapping alongside his father Femi went viral, and led to it being broadcast on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. To date, it has attracted over 2 million views.

This time, Kieyen, the eldest son of gospel duo, Femi and Roucheon Iloyi, is inspiring young children to do well in school with his self-penned song, ‘I Get A’s’.

The song, which has been released as a video, has struck a chord with parents and children alike, and has inspired Kieyen’s parents to produce T-shirts and bags with ‘I Get A’s’ emblazoned across. They’re responding to demands from parents, who want to give their children products with the positive slogan on them.

Roucheon explained, “The song is my son’s creative expression, and it’s inspiring young children to do well in school and to be their best in whatever they do. It’s good for children to feel secure and good about themselves; to be hopeful about their contribution to their lives, and to have a good sense of self worth.”

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