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Peter Francis and The Jabez Family are a worship ensemble, who are making musical and spiritual waves in the UK and Europe, namely Poland and Denmark, with their inspiring music. They have been a performing choir since 2004, and released their debut EP ‘With All My Heart’ last year. It has received numerous plaudits for its memorable and inspiring songs, and has opened new doors and opportunities for the Choir. Peter Francis, the director and founder of The Jabez Family, has directed numerous choral outfits over the years, including LCGC and the Ruach Ministry Choir. He is continuing to use his directing skills to good effect with   The Jabez Family, an outfit focused on producing music that causes “souls to be saved, strongholds defeated and torn down, deliverance through songs.” The Jabez Family has big plans for 2013, including launching a gospel academy to provide musical and vocal training for choirs and vocalists.

All in all, the future looks bright for The Jabez Family. Visit for more details.

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