Jabula Presents LOUD – ‘Return To Government’

“The Church should be the loudest voice in the community!” – Bishop Melvin A. Brooks

The most exciting gathering of Christian’s in the UK is coming to Bethel Convention Centre, Kelvin Way, West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 7JW from 30th May – 2nd June 2013.

Presented by Jabula (Rejoice New Life Ministries UK), which is founded by Bishop Tudor Bismark and overseen in the UK, Europe & Asia by Bishop Melvin A. & Pastor Yvonne Brooks); LOUD has been designed to equip the Church to ‘Return To Government’ and take her place in society as the driving force for social change.


No longer happy with “church as normal” Jabula aim to equip the church to be at the forefront of Governmental Politics, Education, Business, Employment and engagement in Third Sector projects to impact the community through the LOUD conference.

How does the church become the loudest voice in the community? Not by shouting but by making a ‘Return To Government’.

Many of the things that the Church established are now nowhere to be found within the constitution of many Churches and Jabula, through LOUD will bring these fundamental principles and values back to a place of importance and priority within the Church at large seeing us ‘Return To Government’.

LOUD has been designed to transcend denominational boundaries that can sometimes act as a barrier to overall Kingdom perspective bringing leaders and churches together for the good of our nation.

The speakers for LOUD include Bishop Tudor and Pastor Chi Chi Bismark (Zimbabwe), Bishop Hugh D. Smith (USA), Bishop Randy & Reneè Clark (USA), Pastor Mark Van Rooyen (South Africa) and more.

LOUD begins on Thursday 30th May with a night of Worship featuring Noel Robinson, Guvna B, Kings Ministries and dynamic Praise & Worship from the resident LOUD worship team.

The conference will close with ‘One God, One Church, One Sunday’ which will bring churches in the midlands and surrounding areas together in unity to worship and be empowered to change the world, living a LOUD Life and being a LOUD Church.

“LOUD… Empowering the church to lead again.”

For more information visit www.loud360.org.

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