Milk & Honey Launches ‘Precious Campaign’

Non-for profit organisation and online hub for young women, Milk & Honey are launching their first campaign & event. The ‘I Am Precious Campaign’ launches with a short film that aims to tackle some of the pressures a 21st century woman faces in today’s image conscious society. From low self-esteem, weight issues to self-acceptance.

Passionate about protecting moral values and bringing an awareness of self-value and worth to young women around the globe, The I Am Precious campaign relates to every woman on a personal journey of discovery. The heart behind the campaign is to reinforce that these are issues all women go through and send out a global reminder that despite these things, they are ‘Precious’ and worth far more than rubies…

The ‘I Am Precious Campaign’ short film was directed & written by the June Brothers. Featuring ten women from all walks of life, finding their purpose and understanding who and what defines them.


On 22nd June 2013 Milk & Honey will host Precious Conference 2013 in support of the campaign. Held at St. Mary’s Church, Marylebone, the event is aimed at women aged 16-25 and will be a fun filled day packed with sisterhood, love & empowerment!

With an array of amazing speakers, musicians, workshops & divine girly surprises, Precious Conference 2013 is an all day affair not to be missed! With the likes of Charlie Blythe (The A21 Campaign), Hannah Thompson (Mercy Ministries), Jen Baker (Hope City Church), Jonny Lee (BCC), Guvna B (MOBO Award Winning Artist), Daughters of Davis, Philippa Hanna, JC Villafan, Miriam Swaffield (Fusion UK) and other leading youth organisations, musicians and much more, we want everyone to support the cause and our voice in reminding women just how Precious they are…


Photographer credit: Paul Weaver



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