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3 simple steps to acquire the funding you need…

I met a client recently who had a brilliant concept, an aesthetically pleasing website, and lots of ideas all, however, in her head. At our consultation meeting, the first question she asked was, “How do I get funding?”

Well, the truth of the matter is she won’t; well, at least not like that she won’t. Sadly, this is not uncommon with most people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. What I said to my client – and what I say to others like her – is to break it down into three simple stages:

1) Develop your business plan (fundraising strategy), which is your strategic road map detailing everything about the organisation’s strategic directive, including your products or services; marketing and sales strategies; the management team; financial forecasts, and who and when you will approach the most suitably identified funders for your project.

By doing this before you become legally constituted, you have the necessary information needed which can then be drawn down into your governing documents. It also requires you to begin to think about how your organisation is charitable, and provides some context for your Case for Support.

2) Become legally constituted as a charity. To attract funding, most funders these days will require you to be registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. It is paramount that you ensure your vision is charitable and sits within charitable statute, stating the obvious you may think, but it is surprising how many people think that any profitable business venture can attract charitable funding. If you visit the Charities Commission website (, there is a lot of information you can begin to read to get you started.

3) Develop and write up your Case for Support. What makes you special, and why are you most suited to meet this identified need? You should develop a compelling case for support on why someone should fund you. Typically, this can include background on your organisation; your aims and objectives; the need and how you have identified this; the project and the outcomes you hope to achieve; the cost and a broken down budget; how you intend to monitor and measure the success of the your work, and how you expect to maintain the project when the funding runs out, ie. will you start to charge for the service?

With these steps completed, you are now ready to start fundraising! For further support, contact


Funding Focus for your Ministry


The Joseph Rank Trust

Trustees take into account the primary objective of the Trust, which is to advance the Christian faith. Unsolicited appeals are selected for consideration by the Trustees that demonstrate, in their view, a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people. The Trustees currently want to encourage work that supports the following outcome: Projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people of all ages.

In normal circumstances, papers received before the beginning of February, May and August may be considered in April, July and October respectively. All appeals are acknowledged and the applicants advised that if they do not receive a reply by a specified date, it has not been possible for the Trustees to make a grant.



Dates for your diaries


Strengthening Families

Date: Tuesday 18th June

Venue: Westminster Central Hall

Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Cost: Free

Event for CEOs of charities and social enterprises and Chairs of church networks, the theme is Strengthening Families, and the keynote speaker will be Louise Casey, the Director General of the Government’s Troubled Families programme. Also taking part in the event will be Sir Peter Vardy, Christian philanthropist and founder of Safe Families UK; Adam & Rachel Dyer, founders of 4Families, and Mike Royal, National Director of TLG: The Education Charity. The event provides space for leaders passionate about community transformation to connect with one another; engage in cutting-edge thinking and praxis, and access multiple funding opportunities. Visit _to register.

Lara Rufus BA, MSc, CEO of Crowne Consultancy and former Chair of the Black Fundraisers’ Network; or email

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