Church Mother celebrates 80th birthday

Mother White, the wife of the late Bishop Leon White, founder of Bibleway UK, recently celebrated her 80th birthday with a special church service and a dinner with her family, which comprises six children, six grandchildren and a greatgrandchild (expected to make his or her appearance this month).

Grateful for life and health, she told Keep The Faith, “I have finally learned to listen to my body and to do what it says, so when it says ‘Stop’, I do, when it says ‘Rest’, I do, and when it says ‘Exercise’, I do. I have learned to control my appetite and never eat too much.”

And when asked what are the main lessons she’s learned about life, God and faith over the years, she said, “Patience – with myself and others; to trust God – no matter how difficult the time may seem, He will work it out.” She added, “God has taught me how to set/be a good example; I don’t feel there is enough emphasis on us thinking about the way we represent ourselves and how that impacts the generation behind us.”

Hear, hear, Mother White, and here’s wishing you many more birthdays.

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