Meet the artist – Natalie Phillips

Natalie Phillips is an award-winning gospel artist, who started singing in church from the age of five. She talked to Keep The Faith about her recently-released debut album, Unique Perspectives

KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): You’ve been singing for a long, long time. How come you’ve chosen to release your debut album, ‘Unique Perspectives’, at this time?

NATALIE PHILLIPS (NP): Well, I have been wanting to do this project for some time now. But I truly believe that nothing happens prematurely! An opportunity came up last year to start working on my album again, after starting it years ago, and I took it! It was a step of faith and it continues to be! But I have found the more I trust God, the more tools He gives me to complete what He started in me.


KTF: How would you describe the music on the album, and what are the key messages you are trying to convey on it?

NP: Well, the music on the album is quite diverse in its genre and feel. There is something to suit any mood! It takes the listener on a journey, and encourages them to keep pushing through life’s struggles; it’s an uplifting album, which always points to Christ.


KTF: What kind of response have you been getting to your debut single from the album, ‘Hold On’?

NP: Oh, wow!!! The response has been immense! I’ve had people telling me that the stories in the video are moving, and that they show the dark reality which many people face in everyday life but, at the same time, the song itself causes people to smile and feel they can face life’s challenges, holding on to God, who never fails.


KTF: What do you enjoy most about being a gospel singer, and what have been some of the most memorable moments in your music ministry?

NP: I absolutely love expressing myself through a variety of genres, but also love being able to take someone, who may be in darkness, to a place where they are liberated through music. I remember once, singing gospel in a bar, and a lady came to me in tears saying how much the song had blessed her, and that she would start going to church again! There are too many memories to mention.


KTF: Now that you are getting back out there as a singer, how are you finding it, balancing family life with your work and ministry, and how is your faith helping you get the balance right?

NP: I’m enjoying every minute of it – the highs as well as the lows! Being a parent can be hard to juggle as a singer at times, but I have a great support system in place.


KTF: With your album out there in the public domain, what other plans do you have for your music ministry in 2013?

NP: I plan to keep doing what I’m doing: bringing encouraging words to hurting people. I intend to take my music to as many venues, from churches to concert halls, big or small as possible. Wherever there’s an opportunity, I’ll sing!


KTF: Describe Natalie Phillips in seven words.

NP: Funny, Bubbly, Caring, Passionate, Sensitive, Giving and Warm. For more information, visit

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