Message to men: Your words are powerful by Malachi talabi

Malachi Talabi writes about Man’s power to influence lives and destinies through their words, and calls on men to speak words of affirmation to people they come into contact with more often.

If you were a member of my secondary school, you would have heard many cursing matches. Children would shout out, “You’re so ugly, the mirror breaks when you look into it!” or “Your dad is so dumb, he drove into a parked car!” But if they said anything about a student’s mum, a fight would break loose!

I can’t explain why children were more sensitive to words about their mothers than their fathers; it always bothered me, but as I got older, I noticed that Father’s Day was just another day, but when it was Mother’s Day, the whole world would stop! I put it down to the fact that it was the mother who carried the baby for nine months and, as a result, built a special bond with her child. I believed this to be true, until I started working with young people, and the majority of the badly-behaved children would say, “I don’t know my dad. I only see him once in a while.” As a result, I realised that children and society were missing a crucial component that I call ‘Man Power’.

‘Man Power’ defined

Man Power is the ability to speak revelation and affirmation into individuals, to help them live and fulfil their prophetic destiny. Some biblical examples would include Jacob who, before he died, called his sons and spoke prophetically about their destiny. He described them spiritually, and told them what they would do, and what they were called to be. Before Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, He heard the voice of God, His Father, affirming Him saying, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

For an individual to walk in their true identity and God-given purpose, they need revelation and affirmation. It was God’s plan for men to fulfil this function! This doesn’t make men more significant than women; it just means they have a different function.

An attack on Man Power

The enemy understands Man Power, and that is why his main plan is not to try to tempt the men into sin. His main plan is to shut men up and send them into hiding! We see this in Genesis. The first time we see Adam, he is speaking! He’s naming the animals, and using the dominion and authority God granted him, but the next time we see him, he’s hiding! After eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and his wife, Eve, hide from God. Adam became silent and went into hiding, like a lot of men in today’s society. The enemy doesn’t want men speaking, because he understands the power that men have when they open their mouths and speak words of positive affirmation.

Could it be that so many of our young men, who are in prison, unemployed, or strung out on drugs, are where they are because they had no one speak the positive, life-affirming words that only a man could speak into their lives? When men are silent, society suffers.

The order of God

In the order of God, man was placed as the head of the human family. God created Adam, and then gave him the authority to name the animals. Adam also named Eve, the woman created from his rib. God made a covenant with three men: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; every head of the 12 tribes of Israel were men, and Jesus’ 12 disciples were all men. This was because, in the order of God, men have a specific role and function. I call this Man Power!

Man Power is in your mouth

Words aren’t just sounds; they are spiritual grenades. God created the world with words, and you can create your world and the world of others with your words and, if you are a man, it is a part of your assignment!

Open your mouth

If you are a man and you are reading this, I encourage you to come out of hiding! Society needs you! I work in a school, and there are so many fatherless children! But even worse, there are children who have fathers who are not using their Man Power! They are not speaking revelation and affirmation into the lives of their children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, as well as neighbours and friends.

Nelson Mandela used his Man Power to transform South Africa, and became South Africa’s first Black President. Martin Luther King Jr used his Man Power and helped transform America’s racist society, just by saying a few powerful words that still ring true today: “I have a dream.” Barack Obama, America’s first Black President, used Man Power when he said, “Yes, we can.”

You may not be a preacher, a president or a politician, but you have Man Power. You have the ability to use words to impact the world.

From today onwards, use your Man Power. See people from God’s perspective, and speak what you see; affirm those around you; give that word of comfort or advice. It’s part of your destiny to speak things into existence and, when you decide to use Man Power, you are healing the wounds in the identity of many. You don’t need to be a biological father to have spiritual children! You don’t need to be a prophet to use Man Power.

Just go out there, and use your words to change the world. It is a part of your divine assignment to speak revelation and affirmation to those around you, so start using your Man Power today.

Malachi is an award-winning speaker, preacher and entrepreneur. Malachi’s latest book, ‘The Book of Talabisms: 150 thoughts, phrases and quotes for speakers, preachers and entrepreneurs’, is available from

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